Forestry Mulching Benefits in Augusta, GA

Prevents Errosion

By mulching the brush and trees to ground level, we do not disturb the root systems. This allows the roots to remain, to help hold your soil in place. 

Eliminates Disposal

With conventional land clearing methods, the brush would have to be hauled off or burned on site. With forestry mulching, you are left with small wood strips, that decay quickly and replenish nutrients that have been robbed from the soil.

Cost Effective

Typical land clearing methods require extensive permits, time consuming burning/hauling, and possible errosion repair. Because forestry mulching eliminates all of these problems, we are able to provide our services at a lower price than traditional land clearing methods. Contact us to learn more about Underbrush Mulching in Milledgeville, Underbrush Mulching in Aiken, and Underbrush Mulching in Augusta.

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